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You Booked Your Flight, Now What?: 10 Things You Need to Do Before Takeoff

When I attended the Meet, Plan, Go! National Conference in New York City in September, I heard more than one speaker reveal that they planned their “career break” – long-term trip – for a year or more. “Yikes!,” I thought. At that point I was about five weeks from my tentative departure, and I had done nothing (no, I didn’t even have a flight). Granted my trip was on the shorter side for a “breaker” – only about eight weeks – but logistically, it still seemed like I was trying to move a small army.

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When Itchy Feet Become Cold Feet

I’ve always had what I thought was a healthy case of wanderlust – satisfied by two to three week jaunts out of the country every year or so, and longer when I was in college and graduate school. In between I managed to get a master’s degree, establish a solid career, adopt a dog and “settle down” in Boston by purchasing and renovating my first condo.

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