India Roundup (Part II) – India

Ambassador car

my sweet ride

After my respite in Sri Lanka, I hit the road again with the Travel Scientists, this time in a car. India’s Cup Ambassador car rally took me through six Indian states over two weeks. Even though I desperately missed the excitement of traveling by rickshaw, we were able to cover a lot more ground and take in some incredibly diverse and stunning scenery. Take a look…


a giant Hanuman, the monkey god, on the way to Hyderabad


painted rocks

This painted rock formation was the highlight of our 12-hour drive to Hospet.


 woman walking

Later on in the drive, I was able to capture this beautiful woman.

woman in red sari

more beauty in Hampi

Goa cottages

I got to spend a blissful 24 hours in the hippie haven of Goa.


Mysore Palace

Mysore Palace at sunset on Indian Republic Day


tea fields

the pretty tea fields of Ooty


fishing net

the famous Chinese fishing nets of Kochi

Kerala houseboat

The beautiful backwaters of Kerala

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