Instagram Roundup (Part III) – India


I went to the same chai stand every morning and stood around with the commuters to enjoy my little cup.

My home base for my seven weeks in India was Chennai, the capital of the southern state of Tamil Nadu, formerly known as Madras. Chennai is the fourth-largest city in India and boasts the 11th longest beach in the world. And that’s about it, which is why I enjoyed my time there. I didn’t need to accomplish anything. Instead, I walked to the same chai stand every morning. I established a little routine. And I left feeling that I got a taste of life as a local. Here are some highlights…

Pongal chalk drawing

an offering to the earth in front of a home to celebrate the harvest festival of Pongal

sweet street kitties

sweet street kitties

Saris drying in the sun

saris drying in the sun

cafe latte

celebrating the Patriots Super Bowl win with a giant cafe latte at an American-style cafe

colorful doorway

colorful doorway

laundry drying

another common street scene

tethered bull

I saw this bull on my daily walk to the chai stand. He seemed quite friendly.

vegetable stand

another daily stop was this vegetable stand to buy a banana

Marina Beach

On my last day in Chennai, I took a stroll on Marina Beach, the 11th longest beach in the world.

saris at a department store

browsing beautiful saris at a department store on my last night in Chennai

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