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All About the Budget: My Advice for the Long-Term Traveler

coinsTuesday night was my first-ever travel-related speaking gig (well, I am always doling out travel advice, but I’ve never before been asked to do so in an “official” capacity). It was the first Meet, Plan, Go! New York City meet up of 2015, and the topic was how to set a travel budget and stick to it when you’re on the road. Here are the questions I was asked, along with my answers – most focus on the lessons I learned while planning my fall 2014 trip to Southeast Asia.

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You Booked Your Flight, Now What?: 10 Things You Need to Do Before Takeoff

When I attended the Meet, Plan, Go! National Conference in New York City in September, I heard more than one speaker reveal that they planned their “career break” – long-term trip – for a year or more. “Yikes!,” I thought. At that point I was about five weeks from my tentative departure, and I had done nothing (no, I didn’t even have a flight). Granted my trip was on the shorter side for a “breaker” – only about eight weeks – but logistically, it still seemed like I was trying to move a small army.

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